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Jul. 2nd, 2010 06:17 pm
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We have set up a blog for Zoƫ's birth and early days over at zoecarlson.com. (Why yes, we did check that that domain was available before finalizing our name choice.)

This morning's ultrasound video is on there, and I'm gradually copying old pregnancy updates from this blog to that. More notably, however, that blog is where we plan to post updates when I go into labor, so if you want to be kept up to date when that happens, that's the site you should RSS or bookmark.
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Oh yeah, and... it's a GIRL.

Creepy 3D-ultrasound baby is creepy.

Also, I never knew that being repeatedly and callously kicked 24/7 could be so entirely awesome.
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Ultrasound, 11 weeks 5 days. Baby measures 12 weeks 1 day in size; guess he takes after his daddy.

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Pregnancy diary, week 11: Yesterday, while hanging over the toilet in between vomits, I found myself whistling the tune that had been going around my head. I think you've officially spent too much time vomiting when you can absentmindedly whistle at the same time.

Also, despite the fact that I'm still down several kilos from my pre-pregnancy weight, I'm already getting stretch marks on my belly. How does that work?!
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Longest 24 seconds of my life right there, between when the doctor says "Now we should see a baby at this stage" and when she actually finds the baby. :-)


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