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Eek it's September already!

The last few years, some of us have done this little project where we take and post a photo every day for the month of September. Doesn't have to be a good photo, or an artistic photo... just a photo every day for a month.

I like doing it because it makes me look at the world for interesting pictures, and because it's fun to see what everyone else posts.

You're welcome to join in! Just join the Flickr group September I'll Remember and upload a picture every day.
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For the last couple years, some friends and I have done a month-long photo challenge: take and post a photograph every day for the month of September.

Well, what do you know... September starts tomorrow! Time to dust off our cameras and get going!

If you want to join in, all you have to do is join our Flickr group at Then just take a picture every day, upload it to Flickr, and add it to the group photostream.

I think it's a fun little project... I approach every day a little differently when I know I have to immortalize some part of it on the internet!
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Monday is the first day of September, and that means our month-long photo-taking project starts again!

The challenge: take and post precisely one photograph every day for the month of September.

If you want to participate, here's how you do it:
  1. Join Flickr if you haven't already. Basic membership is free, and you can login with your Yahoo ID.

  2. Go to our Flickr group page and click "Join This Group" at the top

  3. Go find your camera and make sure your battery's charged! :-)

  4. Start taking pictures on Monday. Every day, upload one to Flickr and post it to the September I'll Remember pool. (That should be an option when you upload the picture.)

  5. Check out (and comment on) other people's pictures! Edit: You can also follow the photostream in your very own LJ friends list by friending the syndicated feed at [ profile] septillremember.
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Since Flickr is down, I can't post my photo of the day at September I'll Remember, and thus I post it here.

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Because I suck, the LJ syndication link I posted does not work.

This one should: [ profile] septillremember
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[ profile] septemberphotos is up and running. If you want to join in, you can join the community and start uploading your daily pictures tomorrow!

Thank you Steve for the name suggestion ("September I'll Remember," from Simon & Garfunkel's "April Come She Will").

Since it has been pointed out to me that non-paid LJ accounts don't come with photo storage, I'm going to do this as a Flickr group instead:

I have added LJ syndication, however, for those who want to follow it here: [ profile] sept_photos[ profile] septillremember.
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A couple weeks ago I started speculating about what kind of creative/communicative daily project I would do, if I were to do one.

Today I have an answer. Each day of September, my friend Leland and I are going to try to take, and post, a photo. It seems like a good starting point for a foray into creative challenges, and if I like doing it, I may take on different challenges in subsequent months.

I'll be setting up an LJ community or Flickr group tomorrow so you can all see what we come up with. (Suggestions are welcome as to which forum would be better, and what I should call the thing.) Also, if anyone else would like to participate, let me know!


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