Apr. 25th, 2006 08:38 pm
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This is a flyer we were given at our hostel in Rome, for a local laundromat/internet cafe.

There are two reasons I find this amusing. The first is that every load of laundry gets you 15 minutes online, an Indian tea and, yes, a free shot. Because nothing goes with laundry like websurfing, chai and vodka.

The second reason I find the flyer amusing is that Rome Friendship Laundromat actually doesn't have any washing machines any more. You see, last summer Italy passed an anti-terrorism act that requires internet cafes to photocopy customers' passports, track their internet activity, and report that information to the police. This requires a substantial investment in both hardware and software, which naturally leads to there being fewer, larger internet cafes. Hostels like ours, that used to offer free internet access in-house but that can no longer do so legally, instead refer their business to places like Rome Friendship Laundromat. So out with the washers and dryers, and in with more computers -- if you can afford the initial outlay, it's much more lucrative.
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I've put our Italy pictures up!

We didn't really keep a travel journal, and we didn't really photograph everything worth talking about, so I've put up a mutant webpage with a little commentary and an assortment of pictures for each of the three areas we visited: Cinque Terre, Florence, and Rome.

Click here to get started!
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According to my Italian phrasebook, that means "The profound mystery of what you just said sets my soul on fire." (I think it should be "heart" not "soul," but what do I know? All my Italian comes from Mozart operas.)

At any rate, we're leaving for in Italy tonight. Hurrah! Talk to you all in a week!


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