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125,000 western lowland gorillas have just been found in the Congo by the Wildlife Conservation Society, which our friend Kendra worked with when she was in the Peace Corps in Gabon. This is pretty exciting, since they previously thought there were only 50,000 western lowland gorillas total! Their numbers have been pretty devastated by Ebola and other hemorrhagic fevers in recent years.

Seeing gorillas up close and personal at a WCS research camp was one of the highlights of The Best Vacation Ever, our trip to Gabon in 2007. Also, western lowland gorillas have one of the best species names ever: Gorilla gorilla gorilla. As far as I am concerned, the more western lowland gorillas there are in the world, the awesomer the universe is.

Female and junvenile, Langoué Bai

Gabon trip

Jul. 26th, 2007 10:24 pm
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Below are my notes on our trip to Gabon during the first two and half weeks of July.

We went there to visit Justin's friend Kendra, who did conservation work in Gabon for two years through the Peace Corps and who still spends every other semester or so there, researching elephant-farmer interactions. The other folks on the trip were Justin's parents, Kendra's parents, and Kendra's brother-in-law.

Kendra, Marjorie, Justin, Jeff, Lorraine, Steve, Trudi, Guy, Chef Mokoukou (chief of Makoghe), and Don -- the folks we were traveling with. Well, we didn't really travel with the chief of Makoghe.

Cut for length, pictures )

All in all, I absolutely loved Gabon. It is an amazingly beautiful country, and though it's not really set up for tourism (yet), there is a great deal to see. This was my first time visiting Africa (Egypt doesn't count), and I very much hope it will not be my last.

Many more pictures, and a couple videos, are available here.
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We are home from Gabon!

I am semi-officially in love with Africa.

Pictures and videos will be forthcoming. For now, suffice it to say: GORILLAS! ELEPHANTS! HIPPOS! ZOMG!

You all have evidently been busy in my absence, since my Livejournal friends page has 220 new posts since July 2. Since friends pages only go back 220 posts, you'll have to tell me if you posted something super-exciting on July 1. :-)

Two pictures to whet your appetite:

The Ndogo Lagoon, taken from an airplane. Every little scrap of land is teeming with life. Qatar this is not!GORILLAS ZOMG!
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This evening we're flying off to Gabon for a couple weeks!

Since most people's reaction to this announcement is "... Where??", I have indicated the location of Gabon on a map. :-)

A high school friend of Justin's went there in the Peace Corps, and now spends a great deal of time there doing research on, I think, elephant migration. So we will be visiting her, as will Justin's parents and her parents and brother-in-law.

We should return to Doha the night of the 16th.



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