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It seems I am always behind at least one vacation... but I just posted our France vacation pictures. Justin was feeling artsy, so there are a lot of pictures of me staring thoughtfully at things.

As an added bonus, if you read what I wrote about Abd Al-Qadir last month, you can now see our pictures of the memorial to his family members in Amboise.

But if you want real vacation envy, you should check out my friend Doug's pictures of Thailand. I can't wait to go!
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France is spiffy. Look, I was there!:

(My friend Leland and I, after both visiting Egypt and hearing about how many obelisks were given to/stolen by other countries, decided that visiting all the obelisks around the world would make a fun travel itinerary. Though I'm not actually pursuing that itinerary, it does amuse me that since having that conversation I've run into three such obelisks -- two in Rome, one in Paris.)

More pictures and commentary will follow, when it is not 1 a.m.

'Eid trip

Oct. 19th, 2006 09:26 pm
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Justin and I went back and forth for a long time about whether to go to Thailand or Oman for this 'Eid vacation. They both have good Scuba diving, greenery, and other sights of interest.

So we decided to compromise and go to... France.

We leave tomorrow evening, and return the following Saturday night. Four days in Paris, three in the Loire Valley. I'm excited!


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