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I'm back in Doha after two weeks visiting my family in Oxfordshire.

Realizatons made on this trip:
  • babies are cute
  • childbirth is not cute, but anyone who has gone through it has my undying respect and awe [Edit: gone through it on the birthing side, that is. Obviously we've all been through childbirth on the being-birthed side.]
  • I desperately desire to live in a city that is not just walkable but walking-centric, like English towns with a medieval city center tend to be
  • Britain is full of these brown, fibrous upright cylinders with little green wavy bits at the top; Doha should look into acquiring some:

The original plan had been to go hike the Ridgeway Trail for a week, but for various health reasons I had to scrap that plan. In the end I managed a 1.5-day, 29-mile hike from my sister's house in Abingdon down the Thames Path for a day, and then east on the Ridgeway following a prehistoric earthwork called Grim's Ditch (pictured above). It covered some really beautiful scenery, and hiking is always good for my overall serenity. I wish I could do more of it.

Pictures of the trip are here.

And in case anyone is jealous of my jet-setting ways, I also spent three days in bed with a migraine and a new medical condition that you don't want to hear about. I like to travel, but my body sure does not. Dear roboticist friends: please to make me a cyborg body to transfer my brain into, for I am royally sick of this one, kthxbye.
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My sister just posted her pictures of us at the Natural History Museum in Oxford. They are, of course, all serious and scholarly records of our visit, such as this one of me being attacked by a Utah Raptor:

My sister and I have entirely too much fun together.
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I am home from my spring break trip to England!

I spent half the week hiking in Yorkshire, and half the week hanging out with my sister and brother-in-law in Oxfordshire. It was glorious.

The pictures are here, although I am missing the days that we used my sister's camera instead of mine. I may post her pictures (or links to them) in the near future, so stay tuned for more pictures of us trying to interact with statues of famous scientists, and a really hilarious one of me boogying with a peregrine falcon.


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