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Our pictures from the Czech Republic are up.

We're experimenting with using SmugMug, so at least for the next two weeks the pictures are here. Unless I hear complaints about the format, we'll get a permanent account and start transferring our other pictures there. [Update: they're now here.]

Notes on the format: if you don't like the thumbnails-and-highlighted-picture view, you can click other options at the top under "Style." Parental units: I know you like the "Slideshow" view; it doesn't work in Firefox. It should work in Safari or IE, though.

Edit: Some pictures were taken specifically for particular people -- Mum, Dad, Lorraine, Grandma Carlson, Andrew (1, 2), Mary, Doug, and Steve.
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That's a Czech tongue-twister. It means "Stick a finger through your neck!" and it contains no vowels.

We are home from our week in Vienna & the Czech Republic. Yay Vienna and the Czech Republic! We still have to cull pictures before we post them, and we are hard at work on a super-duper travelogue... so for now, I will summarize our trip by listing the most interesting things we drank, in descending order of yumminess:

  1. mulled wine, Vranov nad Dyji. Best drink evar.
  2. amazing hot chocolate with lotsa whipped cream, Prague
  3. Frankovka wines, anywhere Frankovka wines were available
  4. banana lassi & sweet lassi -- you didn't think we went a week without Indian food, did you?
  5. mulled wine, Cesky Krumlov. Inferior to mulled wine #1, but interesting because it was made just like tea, by putting a teabag of spices into heated wine.
  6. unknown Schnapps-like drink, Lednice. Justin pointed at something on a menu that he thought was a house wine. We have no idea what it actually was, but it tasted like a Vodka Slushee.
  7. various beers: Regent, Gambrinus, Pilsner Urquell, Radegast (non-alcoholic). Still don't like beer.
  8. grog, Cesky Krumlov. Seriously, never drink grog.
  9. nasty house wine, Cesky Krumlov. I think it had gone bad. Ew.
Never did get my hands on any absinthe, though.

in Telc

Sep. 28th, 2008 10:36 pm
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am posting from iPod so forgive typos. We're in telc. Czech republic is so pretty! We feel we have stepped into Gabriel Knight II but without werewolves (so far). Awesome hiking today, back to bikes tomorrow.

Must go take bath now! More later?
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Our Eid plans are set!

In 2.5 weeks we're flying to Vienna, taking a train to the Czech border, and then biking and hiking our way towards Prague for five days. We should make it as far as Cesky Krumlov, whence we will take a bus into Prague, bum around for a couple days, and then take a train back to Vienna for a day before flying home.



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