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Three of my least favorite things about Qatar, all in one week of news.

1. The Qatari government carried out a sting operation against bakeries making obscene cakes. Because, in a country where the labor law is routinely flouted even by prestigious employers like the Qatar Foundation, law enforcement's #1 priority should really be penis-shaped cakes.

2. An Indian maid on her way back to India from Oman lost her passport while transferring through the Qatar airport. Qatar Airways shipped her back to Muscat, but Oman had cancelled her visa when she left, so she spent five days in the airport before becoming delusional and dropping dead. This isn't Qatar's fault, but it's the sort of thing that happens when you have the kinds of immigration policies and bureaucracies that Gulf countries have.

3. The overtly racist nature of Family Day policies at the malls is old news, but this undercover video presents the situation well. Particularly depressing is the fact that the "no Asians" policy is being enforced by a Nepalese guard.

Date: 2010-10-11 09:59 pm (UTC)
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I sort of imagine a special department of the police whose mission is exclusively to crack down on obscene baked goods. Imagine being all gung ho about joining the police and fighting crime and then being assigned to the pastry squadron.

we do not know

Date: 2010-11-27 05:52 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
we do not know details so we cannot judge the case . it has already happened to me that i was browsing hungarian housewives forums with my little kid who loved to watch the photos of home made cookies published there / one woman published a pure pornographic baked scene which she has made for her husband on the occasion of their anniversary ...I am sure you would have found it disgusting as well

I remember the time in Qatar here when large crowds of single male expats were allowed to enter public parks on Fridays ... simply there was no room for families left is just common sense .. in non Islamic countries such things happen .. I read about Brazil .. an area where due to large constructions the male female ratio is terrible // and the same way families try to get separated from large crowds of men

poor maid - she did not dare to speak up and she died silently ...
they are so helpless here - they can not speak the language - they are not informed about their rights - there should be an organization which represents their interests and helps them ...

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